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Edenbridge - Shadowplay Текст

Fly upon a brainchild
With unashamed delight
Bending over backwards day and night
Our world's collapsing
Like a house of cards
A stagy farewell waits without regard
We are hanging in the balance
Are we beyond and remedy?
It was taken out of our hands
And we face a tragedy
Why, why are we here
On wild soil we roam
And love to call it home
We are vibrant with life
The will to survive
Ways to go astray
In this shadowplay
Skimming stones on water
Only yesterday
Into cosmic dust we now decay
Kindred souls and spirits
Bound by energy
Who can say what is reality?
Do we flog a dead horse?
Just eternal bliss
Leaves us back to hope for
The former times we miss
We are driven by emotion
And pray the bond won't brake
So strong is our devotion
Our being is opaque
I have seen the cascade
The souls between light and shade
Not a drop in the ocean
Forever we
The spirit of infinity
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