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AmerieLike It Used to Be

Категории: RnB Език: Английски

Amerie - Like It Used to Be Текст

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ....
Our love what we once treasured
Your ways what I remember most of all
Can't quite get away from the days we love so heavenly
Your kiss such a sweet surrender
That day when I let my temper get the best of what we used to have
Now I got to ask you can you make it
Like it used to be
Bring back your love to me
I remember when our love was new
And all I needed in my life was you
And baby it felt so right to me
Please make it like it used to be
Now I won't usually pass (?) nobody
But why can't overses (?) so hastily
Before God had forgiven me
Thought the love that we had count for anything else
Only one way to find out how and you know how
[Chorus 2x]
Ohhh, don't wanna lose your love
And I can't stand to lose your touch
Ohhh, I can still remember when our love was strong
But I don't know where we went wrong
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah .....
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