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Bryan AdamsWhen You're Gone

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Bryan Adams - When You're Gone Текст

Ive been wandering around the house all night
Wondering what the hell to do
Im trying to concentrate but all I can think of is you
Well the phone dont ring cuz my friends aint home
Im tired of being all alone
Got the tv on cuz the radios playing songs that remind me
Of you
Baby when youre gone - I realize Im in love
The days go on and on - and the nights just seem so long
Even food dont taste that good - drink aint doing what it
Things just feel so wrong - baby when youre gone
Ive been driving up and down these streets
Trying to find somewhere to go
Ya Im lookin for a familiar face but theres no one I know
This is torture - this is pain - it feels like Im gonna go
I hope youre coming back real soon -cuz I dont know what
To do
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