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Christina PerriMy Eyes

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Christina Perri - My Eyes Текст

My eyes are so tired,
They should sleep, but they won't.
They don't, they won't let me pass this up.
My eyes are stuck open in love,
They want more of him, they need less of this.
They're everything, they're unbelievable.
My eyes are lonely and cold.
They're young and they're old.
They're looking for a way out,
And a moment to let you in.
They want nothing to do with me
And only want to do with him.
They're hungry,
I'm warning
And I'm scared.
They won't let me thrive,
They'll need everything you own.
Make it all so real by learning to feel,
What's not really happening,
What's going on is much more
Than I ever hoped for,
Ever hoped for.
And I'd much rather imagine it
Than not live at all.
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