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Eminem и Obie TriceEmulate

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Eminem, Obie Trice - Emulate Текст

Welcome to the art department
It's all psychologic, why am I so maniacal?
am I a psycho or some kind of psychotic shtick?
or am I truly psychotic, or are my molecules just diabolical?
cause biologically, I defy logic
by golly, haul me off on a trolly
Polly want a cracker, I'm back on that wacky tobacco
I'ma step away from crack, Obie smacked the shit outta me
I'm so slap happy, man, snap me back to reality
I'm a walkin' art gallery, a science museum
Elephantiasis of the nuts, you'd probably die if you see 'em
I pull em out, they hit the ground and probably crack the cement
I need an ambulance, I can't just put 'em back in my pants
Obie the person that came up introverted
cause of nervousness, that was solely the only verdict
it was worth it cause he changed, became so observant
serving such of a purpose
if you knew him earlier in his days it's like a different version
so much hurtin' and pain gave him game for certain
thats why there's curtains in this murder, if you gettin' worked up
I'm so assertive on these motherfuckers actin' tougher
I had enough of isolating myself in a room
writing poems and songs, doin' the same in school
now look what he became, a fool?
cause he learned how to sustain his tool and obtain fame from you
Living hard, but still Juliard
a god walks in but aint spend a day in the pew
regardless of this, I draw visual pictures when a ***** vents
so welcome to the art department
I stimulate the brain, mimic, emulate a saint
Cynic keep em' thinkin its a fuckin gimic when it ain't
Clinically insane, brain is on venus, fuck Uranus
label me a genius, if you ever seen us you would say
He may seem as though he's plain, normal
if you ever meet him, greet him with a shake, see
he ain't as mean as what they say
See the thing is maybe he can't always think of things to say
so he's vague, so they mistake him for just bein' crazed
you part ways, your impression of him changed
you don't think he's strange, you turn around and tell him, "peace and thanks"
then you catch him flippin you off, with his pants down
hands around his scrotum, tuckin' his fuckin penis between his legs (aah!)
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