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Хана1. Intro

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Хана - 1. Intro Текст

Controlled by fear
Soon is starting the new school year
I won’t make friends I’m sure
Everyone nowadays think they’re so pure
I miss the days no one gave a shit about that
If they fit
The popular girl - everyone secretly hopes she trips in a mud
And is full in blood
Maybe get killed in flood?
I hope that happens to her, don’t you?
When you look at cool boys
You wonder if they think of you as a toy
Think they’re so special, secretly touch girls behind their backs
Sick of their back talking, I don’t give a shit if I’m not beautiful in their eyes
Telling lies to teachers, I don’t know what can make you sick
Just swallow a fucking stick
And now the first day of hell will start
I hope I don’t smell some boy’s fart )

Добавен от Hannah Burley  на 11 септември, 2019, 00:37

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