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KornEverything I've Known

Категории: new metal Език: Английски

Korn - Everything I've Known Текст

Always, I see it's going down
Today, hoping in time
We'll bury all this pain
And we'll awake
Something inside
We pushed our buttons far inside
We tear our hearts out
Then we fight
Why I know
Feels like I've lost everything that I've known
I cannot survive, alone
Feels like I've lost everything that I've known
Our lives, were good in every way
Too late, time after time
Our love just turned to hate
But we stayed by
Each others side
[Bridge & Chorus: Repeat]
I keep holding on
I fear I'm where I belong
Every time we fight it feels so wrong
I feel so enslaved, fuck my pride
Can we meet again?
[Bridge & Chorus: Repeat]
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