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Lil' WayneHello

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Lil' Wayne - Hello Текст

Chicken bone Nowison
Now it's on
Death wish, bitch
[Verse 1]
California house in the hills
Big windows no blinds
Can't sleep past 9
We pass weed like time over here
Money over fear
Her lipstick smeared
Her pussy lip pierced
Daddy gotta go
After daddy get his
See ya later alligator
Crying crocodile tears
Don't worry I'll be back
If her pussy like crack
She got a nice rack
And that apple bottom, bite that Apple like Mac
That's that computer love
I kill that pussy
But I don't go to the funeral
Cause I'mma wear this ass out like a uniform
So ride this dick like a horse, pony, unicorn
Boning her back when I'm in the ahh
Phone in her back pocket made her booty call
I said hello, hello
She said oh shit
I ain't mean to call you
Anyway, what you doing
I said nothing
She said I know what you should be doing
And could be doing
Open up your legs
Walk me through it
Ain't too proud to beg, psh nigga please
I fell on my head
And she fell on her knees
What you know about that
I be on my head
And she be on her knees
What you know about that
Skate, smoke, fuck, yeah
[Repeat verse 1]
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