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Категории: метъл , gothic metal Език: Английски

Magica - Endless Текст

Dark was the night I set foot on this earth
As the wheel turns I see death and rebirth
And I know every end is another beginning
I'm my own mother in spirit, your guide in believing
What good is to run when everything is set?
To another dimension we will go
What good is to hide?
In the end you will forget
Everything you know
I wish that tomorrow would take me away
I wish I'd grow wings and I'd fly night and day
I'm asking you all do you feel what I'm feeling
The magic, the power, the choice you've been given?
We're running on an endless road
Where have we been we do not know
The answer lies just right ahead
This world we know is just a test
How will you choose to play the quest
And when you're ready you'll be dead
On the endless road ahead
This is your heaven, this is your hell
You look for an answer but no one can tell
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