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Redman - D.O.G.S. Текст

Ha ha ha
Tokin on my indo..
Smokin on a indo..
Lookin through your window.. (chi-chi, blaow!)
Doin what I win doe, ha ha, ha.. it goes
Who that tokin on my indo? Pow!
Fragile niggaz get mashed out
(Who dat?) The Funk D-O-C Spock hash mouth rhymer
The Prime Timer, sharper than barber shop liners
Look at my chin - ninety degree bent
When I spit I make devils come out East St. Loren (gin!)
I spend so much money on chalk and the indo
my weed supplier need to build a drive through window
My form of art rock, jewels with Clarks
When my bass sparks for fiends it disturbs the NARCs
Freak pattern after pattern to leave Angeles Los
The roughest rapper a DJ needle came across
Knock it in your Hummer; if it's too hot dial 9-1-1
Hook off on you like _I Know What You Did Last Summer_
Your dog is my dog, we dogs when it's thug time
When the fuckin hoes keep that drow in your bloodline
Yo, I send this to all my DOG
To my real niggaz that are true DOG
Niggaz who will bust guns for they DOG
Niggaz who will spit ones for they DOG
Niggaz who be rollin deep with they DOG
Niggaz who blaze blunts with they DOG
Niggaz who would do time for they DOG
Niggaz who would diss a bitch for they DOG
Yo I'm a dog
I piss on the wall in airport bathroom stalls
Grab the intercom and yell, "Fuck you!" in the mall
I drop it with the holocaust force, I got balls
I get my pants fitted twelve inches bigger than y'alls
I went to college, rockin tie one below outfits
Dropped out, but stuck my friends for college deposits
Nigga, get a country nigga gun bustin
Like they saw Tupac with two glocks still thuggin
Fuckin with a dog like me, I call your name out
while you pussy niggaz Call ID, when I blaze
You step life your wifee got a baby on the way
The way I flex son you think I'm made out of clay
I'm illin, my lyrics on the blocks make the killings
I string your moms out until diapers take to chillin
I don't like to toot my own horn but I'm the shit
And if you hearin me I see you paid that twelve cent
So peace to homey $hort DOG
Peace to that funky nigga Snoop DOG
Peace to that old nigga Dirt DOG
Pour some beer out on the curb for your dead DOG
You can call a female a dog too (true)
You can feed they stinkin ass u-canu-bu, DOG
They fuck your enemies and bring the beef to you
You got me, I left a couple in your Fubu
A real raw dog never get jealous
They keep they shit cocked if niggaz try to dead em
So ask 'Face, keep your mind on your money
I keep the stinkin ass hoes doin laundry DOG
Cause I'm a dog
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redman - d.o.g.s

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