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Tyga - Illuminati Текст

London, uh
Unreal to a closed eye,
can’t feel but you heard that I’m close by
it’s more vivid, the image embedded in my mind
I look around and really I see a fake smile
no time when the ticker’s down,
my rolex out, don’t mean shit now
it’s just another paycut, my mind made up
unnecessary layups, you could still win,
ain’t gotta risk your star player
fuckin hater, still remain a, self made nigga
live bigger, credit cards, no limits
I drop 20 on the luggage, took 10 minutes
I don’t shop online, those are all gimmicks
only make moves when your hearts in it,
big said it, so I entertain like cedric
standin on the trump roof top, view the city,
batman spotlight, gotta see you bitches
the joke’s on you, jack
who the fuck you gonna call when your shit towed, by the repo
can’t tell your girl, so she the centerfold
now you getting played like casios, uh
casinos, c notes, and chips like fritos,
gotta freak ho, flyin heathrow,
most niggas only know two words,
like gimme those, haha still buy them though
currently ballin so I gotta let you know
flash through the tent rope, roll the window
till the brim full, oh I did, let me see your registration,
I’ma keep it real, kid I’m just hatin
ain’t an opportunity I ain’t take close chase
city national bank evolve, in the shape
of a dollar, then i, duplicate
don’t believe motherfucker, let me, demonstrate,
I dreamed a motherfucker tried to kill me, in my sleep,
what’s the point in steak, when niggas want beef,
diss me cause they hungry, made a meal that you couldn’t eat
you fuckin snakes in the rat race, two faced, bitches,
That’s why I don’t fuck with none of y’all niggas,
cause soon they all fell when you fell with them,
it’s like putting 87 in a Bentley, nigga don’t tempt me,
everythin ain’t everythin, haha, you know
man you went in baby
[Tyga]: we ain’t done though, we ain’t done, can I keep going?
[Westwood]: yeah baby, surely you could
[Tyga]: alright, so I’ma just do it like this, you know, holla at Hollywood, tim westwood,
we do it, uh, look, look, look, look, what do I got,
I look into the sky and I can see my good side, floatin away
sellin your soul for some cheap gold,
girls choosin us, life on the tour bus,
givin it up, cause quick fame make you bust a nut,
though I despise, but black tents cover my eyes,
hopin if I had a daughter, this topic would never be brought up,
fame starters, turn us all into starters,
if one break away, pray the others tag along cause,
long johns, cold world, wh-wh-when you’re lonely,
but now you got popular with two homies,
friends can’t call you cause you out the country,
but this is what you wanted so you gotta live the moment,
watchin every curve for the roaches on the curb,
all they do is hate, that’s my fuckin word, word,
all they do is hate, all they do is hate, that’s my fuckin word
yeah, London, uh, young money, weezy’s home,
Careless word last kings on tim westwood, we in the building
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