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TygaPretty Boy Swag

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Tyga - Pretty Boy Swag Текст

this right here
I'ma bout to re-kill
cack it into yo ear
resurrect and disappear
b-tch I'm bigger, you small
I be clowin' calls
and your just a funny guy,little duval
b-tch Im a beast, man, dog
licking the blood up off my paws
filling my cup up, silly straw
7-11 slirp me off
put her beaver on my log
then she lick lick like a frog
pretty boy Im not at all
Im just way fresher than yall
n-gga damn, always talkin' to b-tches not my age
yea Im young, you old, so put these babies on yo face
tender love baby face
say she want it everyday, but once I hit it it aint the same
Ash-ley Mary Kay, haha
Oh sh-t full house its a pool party
heres the address use Google mami
smell the herb, mess
its goo gaary
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treat my b-tches like they assistants
now you work for me
spazz man
all about gettin' my cash fast
Im totally rad, show her my tats
flippin the bird, turnin' my back
no love, my heart will be back
barry your tongue in my lap
I aint even write sh-t after that
okay look up b-tch im flexin
penthouse level leave you naked
eat your heart out b-tch Im Jeffrey
Damme darrier my luggage
lucky lefty Im right handed
im crazy im just sayin
nickles, dimes, quarters, grams
I dont smoke just patron
roll the L while we here
plus the plane leaving in ten
I got models I got friends
but I never spend on them
only circle that Im in, is the circle of success
f-ck stress, have sex
and I do that sh-t the best, aww
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