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TygaThe Stampede

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Tyga - The Stampede Текст

Stampede box flow make the beat bleed,
Punch tummy’s cause I'm Young Money’s G.E.D ,
Queen come work for me or it's back to Burger King,
Burglar be hurtin me, send Tim Burton to the hall of meat ,
All you niggas bumblebees bustin' off these bigger beasts eat em up get the niggas on the lumidee , get ready to rumble afro thunder, hype off a bitch tell her to buy a puzzle ,
Speak nothing new single comin' sucka’s , girls fuck us keep on my polo’s and black tucka’s,
The black chucky you get lumped up or pay money,
No play money we cleaned up and called it made money,
Hate money burnin' to the scown now its aids money,
Lay hundreds on the floor couldn't catch me slippin from it,
I be be super on it I could put the house up on it,
If you want it come and get it,
Better catch up homie, red mustard muscle Ferrari through this jungle yellow seat buckled nice I ain’t slowin down for nothin',
Milf hunter wheres the fresh titty milf motha what would you do for a young black marksummers,
Uhmmmmm think about it women Tyga can put my man in your lil' women,
Born little coverin it, coverin it with a rubber,
I don't trust a bitch see how mother nature is,
In the club rainin' big with the lime in my drink n' mix it with the twist,
Twist,twist it all up, SHIIIIT you're like fuck this coconut shit but I made half a mill,
Talkin coconuts bitch now open up bitch ”excuse my language” I don't speak English two months hint hint , pass ya boy a few mints cause my shit stinks,
Yeah, I walk with the sticks burnberrys for hips,
Daaaaaaaamn they're like Tyga Tyga gettin' nicer,
Or Wayne and Drake probably just ghost writin,
Don't like em fuck ya’ll like mike tyson,
Feelin just like them but yall the ones doin the fightin,
Chunk chunk yump yump bubblegum chew em up hit em up here schoolboy does,
Do what the fuck you do partys loose u2′s,
Haters eat slick shit throwin mic every loo woof ,
I'm a transit you carless bitches. Don't even know what rich is,
Recession occurred, I was busy in the session forsure with some white girls screamin at all the boys fuck em here comes the stampede ya’ll!
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