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Never Be The Same

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I know you, who are you now?
Look into my eyes if you can't remember.
Do you remember, oh?
I can see, I can still find
You're the only voice my heart can recognize
But I can't hear you now, yeah.
I'll never be the same
I'm caught inside the memories, the promises
are yesterdays and I belong to you.
I just can't walk away
'cause after loving you
I can never be the same.
And how can I pretend I've never known you?
Like it was all a dream, no.
I know I'll never forget
the way I always felt with you beside me
and how you loved me then, yeah.
You led me here,
then I watched you disappear.
You left this emptiness inside
and I can't turn back time
No, stay!
Nothing compares to you.
Nothing compares to you.
I can't let you go,
Can't let you go.
I can't let go.
I'll never be the same,
not after loving you,
not after loving you, no.
I can never be the same.
I will never be the same.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I just can't walk away.
No, I can't walk away from you.
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