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Skizzy Mars - 15

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- Skizzy Mars - 15 Текст

Another cycle in my lifetime
Douche bag by day, but in the night time
I’m a lover, lethal like danny glover
She like that nypd, under covers
Still, I’m just here all alone,
Looking down from my top floor roof
We call it a penthouse, I’m higher than you
With my niggas in paris, so you, you better watch my throne
They say that I use women,
I just tend to take her like it’s a confused woman
Yeah, I never abuse woman
I want a nice girl that’s take me to new limits
I bet I’m already in the shower when you finish the race
I pace myself, can see you in it
I’m on my cake up till I’m nothing
Too many ambitions, too many bad bitches
In my dressing room, but where were you last year
Look what I’ve accomplished in the past year
Streams of consciousness, new found confidence
Solutions of oppulence, used to the opposite
Niggas did this before, they ain’t been popping since
Fuck 15 minutes of fame, I want the whole crowd screaming my name
I wanna choke hold over this game
I want all you niggas feeling my pain
Fuck 15 minutes of fame, I want the whole crowd screaming my name
I wanna choke hold over this game
I want all you niggas feeling my pain
I want all you niggas feeling my pain
Ain’t nothing like a good girl
But I’ll turn you to a bad bitch
Never do what you should, girl
That will just make you average
Break the rules, or be old news
Like jimmy, I know it’s hard for you to choose
Well, I can make that deicision for you
We go out and die every night we living for
Carrying my set, baby girl I’m a little sore
But every time I might quit
I go a little more harder, a martyr, a legend
It’s game of 7’s, I’m in 11 and I’m getting way better
I’m fucking mayweather man fucking fairweather fan
I be in the booth making hela jams
I be at the party with some stella cans
I was getting green born in never land
Several fans, they all die hard like bruce willis
Trackling high beats, I got two spirits
Revolutionary tunes,I got new lyrics
And I’m battle to blow your mind as soon as you hear it
New generation’s arrived, can you hear it
Can you feel it, do you fear it
Be scared, beware, we coming for your necks nigga, vampiric
Anything’s possible, unless you got a way to live
In a hospital
Rip grim and inny, now my whole team’s unstoppable.
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