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W.A.S.P. - Teacher Текст

Will ya let me learn you something
Oh I will, indoctrinate your mind
Wont ya let me be your love your mother
The greatest of all time
On your knees confession your obsession
I’ll dominate you dark
I gave you hell to take you to heaven giving you
Star spangled hearts
In the time end oh you’ve learned nothing my brother
Teacher to your kind
Oh independence one [won] you nothing but a
Sudden death in overtime
Salute the flag’s oppression your blessing
I got a bigger gun
Than all you fucking beggars all ya put together
I’m uncle Sammy’s son
I will be your teacher baby
I will be your flame
Slide to reach you maybe
I won’t know no shame
I will be your teacher preacher
On your knees and you pray
Father of your addiction, tell me
Am I the one that you’ll blame
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