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Army Of The PharaohsThe Five Perfect Exertions

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Army Of The Pharaohs - The Five Perfect Exertions Текст

[Ikon the Hologram]
You get split in fucking half
The Ikon the Hologram wrath
But I am the center inside the placenta of math
You clash with cyanide gas and die fast
Rythmical equivalent of solids, liquids and gas
We smash your science, with the power of Lord Titus
But I am the virus inside of the iris of Cyrus
Upon papyrus
I kill snipers and body vipers
And strangle you with the organs of writers who try to fight us
Call me your highness
And sip the blood from the phoenix
Who's guilty like the Jews in the crucifixion of Jesus
Murder the heathens
And perishing the fatal cobras
Word is bond, my rhymes form into a swarming locust
Provoke us
And face the Zodiac killers
Five Samurai, do or die, fire spitters
Heavy hitters, from the lands of Sudan
Killadel, Shambhala, Ikon the Hologram
Who's convoluting thoughts in self
this corpse and I know I spent
To the opening of a similar rift
And it's lost in a different set free
Scimitar for street a mention
Getting nice for this world
It's complimentary to my righteous entry
We fit on the tree of life and consciousness
We get complex it's my last phrase
the message was colder air
If you could ??? you could ???
Dress a side with colored gin
Descending on a capital I can
leave respect for the moon,
let the sun shine behind,
I meditate to attain a state of nirvana with finer minds
And the mind is too ?much trouble for humans?
Streching to China
Depart on the wisdom from the old ?comedic? genre
It's the master builder
Seen many jewels to fill ya
Patrolling over spirit desires, they might kill ya
Our old mortars, talk out of street consorters
Think you went to the corners through the glass eye of Horus
[Alan Watts]
The way of powers reaches out to an almost god-like control of circumstances. The way of wisdom on the other hand is concerned not so much with power as with self-discovery. Would like you genuinely like to be immortal, omniscient and omnipotent, knowing all?
All religions fear legal
My strikes are fatal, to your style
That's infantile like prenatal
Your mic's a child
That's getting fucked by a wild pedophile
????? ?????? ?????? ?????? ????? ???? pectoral
So suck my genitals you punk bitch
I'm the general
Concocting verbs out of chemicals
Leave you bloody like menstrual
Cycles, my rap rifle blasts open any beat you throw
Virtuoso flows like an ocean through an archipelago
At a glance yo my battle stance rattles champs like an avalanche
Crabs don't have a chance you sycophants spend your cash advance
Grabbin' a lance to try to joust with the conqueror
Stompin' the pawns that sponsor ya
Onto the crucifix
I chew ya crew to bits like Mueslix (or computer chips)
Who can dis the pugilist
Rappers tried, and now they calcified up in formaldehyde
Your valves canals divide
I scalp hides my names italicized to chastise
Replicants of nexus 6's excellence
Present tense malevolence, devastating regiments
Ever since I supplied a diatribe of cyanide
You revised whom you idolize
I finalize death threats, you recollect the esoteridactyl
Court is now in session mothafucka drop the gavel
Knowledge is self taught to be defining me spiritual
??????? ??????? ??????? ?????????
Like oracles at Delphi when they're spoken to
Mortals refer to me as ?????? ????? ????
For exposing the secrets of the sands while I'm blessing you
My presence here is principle like ???? philosophies
Of reparations, for payment, of stolen legacy
So hail, homie
Army of the Pharoah
Like Ma'at I seek truth through the tarot
Choosing the teachings of 'Nezzar over that of the devil
And trading places with ????? ????? to hear my ancestors echo
Commanding thoughts the lady forming the facts
That led me to the holy near the temple of Kanak
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