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AtmosphereYour Name Here

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Atmosphere - Your Name Here Текст

How you doing?
Ain't seen you in a long
Is everything all fine?
Doing your best?
I'm glad to hear it
Its all progress
Yeah that's the spirit
Look at you!
You look great!
It seems like you kept your self in good shape
You stopped drinking?
You back in school too?
That's fascinating...
So what you doing now a days?
You living here again or just vising for the holidays?
Yeah yeah
Hows your family?
Hows you mommy and daddy?
They living happily?
So tell me all about LA
You don't live in LA?
Hold up
wait wait wait
Hows Chicago?
Were you living then?
My fault
Please forgive me
Bad memories
So hows the big city?
You paying dues?
You making moves?
Yeah I always knew someday you'd break trough.
Your forever been a go getter
And I wont forget that
Bet that ill remember
I never told you this but
I wish you the best, success and all that other shit.
But that my que
I got stuff to do
It was a special surprise to bump into you
Stay safe
You have yourself a great day
What was that?
What you say?
My phone number?
Nah I don't think so
I only gave it to a handful of close people.
Lets not make this into an issue
But the truth is...
La La La La La
I will disappear
La La La La La
No far and no near
La La La La La
You are not my dear
I don't care where you for from here
La La La La La
I will disappear
La La La La La
No far and no near
La La La La La
You are not my dear
Theirs no tears next to your name here...
La La La La La
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