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Bring Me The HorizonThe Fox and The Wolf

Категории: метъл , death metal Език: Английски

Bring Me The Horizon - The Fox and The Wolf Текст

You said you can't get to heaven unless you get high
But there's no word of hell on the way back down
You said it's now or never,
You only live once
Would you be so quick to walk over to my grave?
You said you'll never be younger than you are tonight
Now I've never felt weaker in all my life
You said it's only a one off, only a line
But now it's a circle, all of the time
Well, it's a one man cult and he's serving his line
It's a "Lust For Life" but it's a lifeless wine
He kissed her hand and then he found out her name,
It's Death and now he can't seem to wake
You can't run with the foxes and yet hunt with the wolf
Are you addicted?
Tell me the truth
I think I'm losing my mind
They say the poison's in the dosage and they must be right
Left with panic attacks and death riding our backs
It all looks so much worse on the way back down
I'm so fucked up since I hit the ground
Revive me
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