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CeCe Ville и Harry StylesTonight

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CeCe Ville, Harry Styles - Tonight Текст

HD I would like my eyes to shine last night
beat back powerful and dahat you equal with kozche.
Laugh ka't squirrel like a wet bird.
Adults eat without a spoon, Manny is a great sketch.
I kuponiram healthy night sleep sweet day.
Sme born in heaven mother very hard fuck.
Our pace is redundant cram praim fly.
Zeiss lenses and straps, above all Aare soft Kiska.
Sit look a little Izaura, keel i got the power.
Dabble with Gucci, I feel tonight something will happen.
Of neck chains of cold shiver, two voucher gathered all buddies.
Call Uncle Coco himself will find it, and again on the beach big pots.
Hey mumbo jumbo is not thick aunts,
Monday Mitigating no Saturday Sundays.
Rarty again, back to back, microphone one two three check.
I get a speck a get a success you get to shake, They were of money make.
(Are brace yourself have come to see us humans.)
Berno was hands up for Cece.
I want, I want it, I
be with you how, how
Champagne without tears.
you're having a party again, again
will be very hard, hard,
Bless me know.
Awesome chicks - mm yes
crazy party - to mm.
I looked for you city
baby, you come to me.
Crazy - they are here!
Noisy - they are here!
Our neighbors are awake, you and I are crazy!
Okay Tis well become, tap
CA death cries bounce with me.
Add-ma us like me,
Come let th of Hi-Fi.
See Tyson Yi Xia, Come cunt kept are
bitch my Zeiss Party you're on are.
Keel, Laura - Gin and tonic, sparkling of Rap - A - Holic.
Ti was it! I double,
charming drunk on Tuesday.
Lorski soul how the mother
May Chez they praim seagull.
I bolche you nut
Hunt Gangi mother!
I with mine, you with yours,
I will look for the evening.
Ur body in my body
let them flammable.
Drunk - Hands up!
Beautiful women - Hands up!
Raise the noise - Hands up!
I'm happy! (2x)
I want, I want it, I
be with you how, how
Champagne without tears.
you're having a party again, again
will be very hard, hard
Bless me know. (2x)
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