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DoreenStefan Gobano & Doreen feat. Soul - Feel Your Love

Doreen - Stefan Gobano & Doreen feat. Soul - Feel Your Love Текст

I feel a chemistry between me and you
You make my heart beat faster
So tell me what am i supposed, to do
when no one else matters
I'm lying here in this empty room
Thoughts are playing on my mind
Can't stop thinking about you
Let's leave this world behind
I just wanna feel your love
Feel your touch, and i can't get enough
A thousand kisses from you is never too much
I just don't wanna stop
All i need is one more night, with you
You take my breath away
And no one knows me like you do, it's true
I'll keep following you through the milky way
Just kiss me until the dawn arrives
Just hold me closer to your heart
Tonight i'll write the saddest lines
I'm falling in love and it's falling apart
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