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FireFlight - Reasons Текст

Tainted words,
all the while that I sit here listening,
they destroy my whole will to obey.
And they say,
that I shouldn't care I shouldn't want,
to need You like I know I need You now.
And when I turned on the reasons,
You were there watching all the while,
I should have shut down my anger,
but I was too proud.
Belly up,
sounds that only hatred could express,
found their way into my weary head.
I repent,
take away all those words I hear,
and make them go away I need Your love.
Believe me, I never thought that I would sin like this, again.
[Background Chorus:]
Running fleeing trying to get away,
from the path I knew I strayed.
Broken faithless I was then,
now You take away my sin.
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