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FireFlightGo Ahead

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FireFlight - Go Ahead Текст

Yesterday I heard Your voice
Whispering through all the noise
I pretended I couldn't hear You
But You kept on pursuing me
And You began to move in me
And I just couldn't hide any more
I won't fight You
Go ahead!
Take what You want to
Take what You need to
Don't let me hold You back
Go ahead!
Do what You have to
Cuz I want to know You
Don't let me hold You back
I'll my wear heart out on my sleeve
If it brings You close to me
Help me leave the life I knew before You
Come inside, erase the shame
Call me by different name
I won't be the same anymore
God, I trust You
God, I was so wrong
To stay away so long
Oh, how I need You!
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