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G.L.C.The Light

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Категории: dance , RnB Език: Английски

G.L.C. - The Light Текст

Man I shine like mister Clean
Got more gold than mister t
Pretty girls in the mist for me
Got more chips like chips ahoy
My game is Cole as Melyssa Ford
Takin' trips, chips and horres
Blinded by the light
Yeah she says my... change
Yeah she says my angel wings
Girl better do what you do to your face
Look like she might put Maybelline
Bitch she say pullin' out
Up all in and out my baller jeans
I think that's what she became
Blinded by the light
Up on the road when the light hit
Just turned on like light switch
Right there stop thinkin' of
What type of... she might get
Now she got no gansgta bitch
She take a pitch where I can see her
One in a million look like Aalyah
Blinded by the light
You all see the woman now
I'm on my ground like black and decker
Once she tear me what's the sound
I read her mind and I'm a...
I'm off the wall like phillips screen
I flip and flap like Billie Jean
Like getting' money since 17
Blinded by the light
Ripped off like a...
Runner in the night
Blinded by the light
So I put her on the flight
She never had been on a plane
Could have flown to LAX
But I preffer to do...
On the ground like...
Collars pop like elvis prez
My... no time to see her
Blinded by the light
Off the plane to her daddy
She cut her hair
She looked like Ali
On the map like...
I'm flying up girl...
Brand new bag, yeah she got it
Brand new jet, yeah I got it
We drive back like automatic
Blinded by the light
Off to the party
And Ali is...
On to the...
We can get a...
Spaceship yes I will
... flow watch I'll go
Blinded by the light
She's gonna say to... in
... like sun chips
... in the fun dip
I swear that I want it
Blinded by the light
When I come up though
If I 'm getting' jo
... she now me really dough
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