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H2OHere Today, Gone Tomorrow

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H2O - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Текст

I remember all those bands
Preaching with motherfucking X's on their hands
The Youth Of Yesterday, what else can I say
The times have changed and they've faded away
The times have changed and the trends move on
The spirit of youth I still carry on
Close minded attitudes, you know the youth crew
Alienating everyone who didn't think like
who didn't
Act like
Who didn't
Look like you
Here today
And gone tomorrow
Memories Of Yesterday
Leave me in sorrow
Here today
And gone tomorrow
Sincerity? It was only borrowed [Repeat]
Hey but where are they now?
Cause I'm still here and I'm drug free and fucking sincere
Hey but that's okay cause they're out of the scene
They're denying hardcore while they chase the green
You know who you are you insincere,
straight edge last year,
drinkin' a beer,
have no friends,
no heart or soul,
playing the roll,
full of shit.
Before you go waving flags you better know what you stand for.
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