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ХанаMusic (посветено)

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Хана - Music (посветено) Текст

Tell you that I need a break
Hate you, but you invite me on a date
You think girls like you, don't make me laugh
But you like girls, I'm sure for that
Why call my friends gay?
What you gonna win with that?
I'm playing Ludo Club with you and with a hat
Kicking me in Ludo, sports like that

Wrote songs bout me, I saw
I'm impressed and depressed
You think of me as a cow
Gucci coats and love
Are not what I want, not right now, none of the above
Your music about me, can't you write it without me?
Our hate relationship needs to end
But will it now?

You hate me
Don't you?
Prove it, won't you?
Say bye, can't you? )

Добавен от Hannah Burley  на 20 юли, 2019, 21:17

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