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Ice CubeClick, Clack - Get Back

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Ice Cube - Click, Clack - Get Back Текст

[Ice Cube]
Yeah, yo, check it
Turn me up a little bit, on the mic
I flip shit for gangbang niggaz
I talk shit for insane niggaz
I got a clip for you strange niggaz
(Click clack, get back, 'fore you niggaz feel that)
[repeat Chorus]
[Ice Cube]
Understand, I come from South Central
Motherfuckers don't know what I been through
I keep my motherfuckin heat in my igloo
And it's lookin for some meat it can get through
Fuck with me, there will be agony
In these streets, it will be a tragedy
Can't you see, it ain't no fag in me
If it was I woulda joined the Academy
(Click clack, get back, 'fore you niggaz feel that) [4X]
[Ice Cube]
Get back, y'all better get the fuck back
I never take shit from rappers
I turn them, motherfuckers into cadavers
(Ka-plow!) I'm fuckin mo', niggaz than Napster
Cause youse a trick and your Ghost Rider is Casper
I heard you lost on Fear Factor
Cause you couldn't swallow deez nuts, big as a tractor
You dumb bitch, think I'm an actor
And a nigga couldn't get close enough to slap her
Ice Cube, understand it's real
I'm the nigga of steel, got you _Killin at Will_
Got my nigga a deal, he tried to fuck me and steal
I love the nigga but he now feelin the chill
It's West coast (West coast) East coast (East coast)
South side (South side) worldwide (worldwide)
North side (North side) let's ride (let's ride)
Let's do it 'til God and the devil collide, c'mon!
(Click clack, get back, 'fore you niggaz feel that) [4X]
[Ice Cube] Y'all better get the fuck back
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