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EmiliaCome into my life

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Emilia - Come into my life Текст

Love is a feeling
That can make you blind
You've got all this love
And it makes you warm
Will you believe me?
Not put me aside
For every day the passes
You mean more to me
Come into my life right now
And I'll make you complete
There is no one else
I'm for you entirely
Come into my life right now
Let me touch up your day
There is now one elseI'm for you entirely
Can you forgive me
For my empty words?
Now, I will be a queen
And you'll lay down your sword
Tell me yousee me
With you big blue eyes
See the woman in me now
That cherish you so
And I will stand by you
Forever mor
I'll be right there, oh yes
I'll be right there, I will
I'll be right there
For you
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emilia come into my life
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