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In FlamesDiscover Me Like Emptiness

Категории: death metal Език: Английски

In Flames - Discover Me Like Emptiness Текст

I run this world alone
A song stuck in my mind
Are you feeling alright?
Don't mind if you ask me once
Discover me like emptiness
A defense for a broken heart
Still offers a smile to the world betrayed...
[Pre Chorus:]
Always close to the drop
Disappear with yesterday
Cure this dream that makes me fall
Blame me...
Escape me...
Well it's you who walked away
Tie me...
For my sake
To the dream that haunts you
Could never stand the middle
Want to go far and further
But something drags me down
Shapes me...
Forms me... into delusion...
As I bank other options
Make this picture distant
Signing off
Leave me alone
I blur you into... the never...
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