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IyeokaBreakdown Mode

Категории: soul , блус , джаз Език: Английски

Iyeoka - Breakdown Mode Текст

I've been living on a rebound
Stuck here for too long
You used to take my mind off of
All the ways love can make you go crazy
My emotions taking over
Every time I try to leave
I spin around to find
All the ways you could be better for me
It's like a merry-go-round we go
This love is making trouble with the highs and the lows
I need to take control
Before my heart goes to breakdown mode
All of my vision is spinnin' inside
I can't get off this ride
When will I find closure
If my heart is galloping, galloping for ya
I'm in trouble - Too many nights alone
Too many days without you
Round and round we go
Singing the same song, same song
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