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Lil TwistI'm Hot

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Knock knock who's there twizzy babe stupid numbers on my card like I'm still in first grade, the lunch card, the bank card, lil twist the bank lord and when I withdraw from the bank I bet the bank starve. Extra lettuce extra green yes sir my flow is mean and girls drop it drop it low like ester dean and if you haters extra bing t.o.s they extra team click clack pow wow now I'm wanted bow wow you can't jock my style t-throw with no faul and I'm the who's who that old cliff wow ohh who's who not you I'm a snake out the zoo I gave you baby dorce of these now she's really actin 2 throw up time 2 pour up yea I show up and I'm shhin on ya like 2 girls in one cup throw up I'm nasty but I make magic magician out the hat I'm chris angels young rabbit yea I'm alot of animals and I'm a master hannabal straight eatin you alive like can of bowl I need extra protein kids danimals log on your web and see me like a spider my porsche is more wet jake apple sidder attackin like a tiger with no ghost rider I had your girl for a night but yet I one night her she call me young dodge king of my crew cause I ran her buick like grandma's do and her sister's 2 and her cousin's 2 then take them back 2 the house for grandma's food shhh calm down we can't make alot of noise unless we bring out all your toys we goin have a nicki no I'm not picky but I'm sittin here prayin that the right one get with me cause it's goin down Mr.twist seffner you get it for cheap but I get it for lesser you have 2 pay I don't she ask me 2 pay 2 but guess what I don't I get it for free yes I'm sicker then a patient and I'm so tired of waitin debatin I'm accin my watch cold as heaven my flow hot as satain he sweet like a little girl cakin and I'm the devil bakin break down
I'm hot hot yea I'm hot hot I'm hot hot yea I'm hot
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