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Megadeth - Rattlehead Текст

Well, Here I come
Stand up and plant your feet
Listen I'm letting off steam
Now throw your hands in the air
Let loose I don't fuckin care
Rattle Head
A dose of metal you need
To bang your head til you bleed
It's time for snapping some neck
Slashing, thrashing to Megadeth
Rattle Head
You, Your head, is pounding with pain
You shake loose parts of your brain
Winning, sinning, beginning
Feeding, the needing for bleeding
Bashing, smashing, crashing
Fraying, annihilating you!
There's someone back in the shadows
You feel though you can't see his eyes
He'll bash your head if you cross him
Ain't quite your average guy
Don't wear no leather to fit in
Don't wear no spike to be "cool"
Don't want no woman beside him
Just make it fast, Loud and Rude
Rattle Head
I'm a Rattle Head
Rattle your Goddamn Head!
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