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OverkillKilling For A Living

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Overkill - Killing For A Living Текст

A sense of peace was falling on the universal night
And it gave me a pause to reason why I live
To never cease the calling of the consequential right
And it gave me cause and reason why they give
The first thing I remember was the shadow 'cross my heart
And they matched the beauty hidden in their soul
The next was 'cross the universe, as it came apart
And the sum of the parts became whole
Stalking and hunting, profession in blood
Working the night to a throne
Chalking an outline, experience must
Invisible, never alone
I can take you anywhere
Take all that you give
I can free you from despair
Killing just to live
Live to kill
Kill to live
Killing for a living, killing just to live
I looked across the answers, though questions didn't exist
And found that I was never alone
We cut away the cancer and continued to resist
But the outcome of the night remained unknown
The next thing I remember were the years across my face
And they matched only the beauty of scars
The next was 'cross the universe into time and space
And to know together, we'd have to go too far
Bleeding a nation, casualty time
Breaking the back of the core
Promised salvation, a casual crime
Feeding and fucking the whore
Make my living on borrowed time
I make the clock stand still
Keep my hands 'round what is mine
Living just to kill
Live to kill
Kill to live
C'mon now kill a little kindness, give the worst of your best
C'mon now and shake a little madness, put the dead to rest
I can give you reasons, 2-5 to the bone
They can give you all you ever wanted
When you're far away from home
C'mon now kill a little kindness, give the worst of your best
C'mon now and shake a little madness, put the dead to rest
So as the plot will thicken and time is not a friend
The blessing comes but one in a life
Across the crowded universe that hastens to an end
Through memories of one time in a night
And what will I remember through the by and by
To have and hold and turn about the chill
That this was not the pause to die
But to live to kill
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