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Полина ГорановаKilla

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Полина Горанова - Killa Текст

Cherish, they make me wanna lose control
Yeah, shawty, owwwww!
In a wifebeater two-seater cruise control
Pull up and your girl might lose control
Dime play a circle with that duffle bag boy
Guaranteed they can't get enough of that boy
[Verse 1 - Cherish]
I saw him from a distance
Then I watched him make his way to the floor (floor, floor, floor)
He walked up to me slowly, whispers
And he says 'I know who you are' (are, are, are)
I wanna get to know you
I can tell he was a player
But he knows just how to make you lose control
Somehow I knew
Shawty is a killer
But I really want him
And I got to have him tonight
Straight heart breaker
But it really don't matter
'cause I really want him tonight
[Verse 2]
The way he licks his lips
I'm in an infatuated state of mind, mind (oh-yeah)
He's so hard to resist
I gotta tell you, baby boy is so fine (fine)
Just gotta have you (oh-yeah)
[Chorus x2]
Oh it feels so wrong that it must, it must be right
And I'm so high, don't wanna come down
Just let me fly
[Yung Joc]
Hey, hey Let me talk to them
My whips push buttons
No car keys man
Pop the top like a sardine can
We stay flooded like New Orleans man
Lebron can't stop I be ballin' man
you I'm pretty sure that you heard the rumors
Got a big dick and big kahunas
I'm a pretty slick like Rick the Ruler
Keep one eye open and my hand on that bitch
I rock the Claudio my shades Giselle
I break hearts
The heart break 'em tell
I treat your chick like a pair of ones
Where sluts have one good time and fun
[Chorus x2 - Cherish]
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