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Tell me
What happened when we stopped being young
Skin cracked up, brittle bones
Do we wither to dust?

I must know where I stand
I held your hand
For half my life
Am I half the man I used to be?

Cause you did more than just stay with me
I stare down them all
Would you understand when I fade away
It took every part of me to stay
I wanted to stay

Listen to the sound of my voice
You are strong
You never needed me to go on
It was a choice you made

Now keep your promise
Live your life with no regret
And accept that I've left
I will leave you with this warmth

That you held the day we met
I still can't feel you now

Quiet days, endless nights
Her thoughts had never really been so black and white
She stays well composed for now
A distinct lack of color as she lays nearly comatose
In her dreams we will meet again
I swear we will meet again
My darling...

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