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The StrokesEvening Sun

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The Strokes - Evening Sun Текст

They love you or they hate you
But they will never let you be
They'll thrill you or sedate you
but they will never let you see
In the evening sun
In the evening sun
Encourage and derange you
Watch you walking scared alone
Despite intimidation...
Pleased to watch you dance alone
In the evening sun
In the evening sun
Go your separate way now
Someday you'll come back
and I'll be dreaming I was sunburned
I don't wonna make your heart it
and break you heart in two halves
keep one half
and give one half to me
I like the summer-
miss the summer
Tell me, what'd you do?
Nothing? Me too...
Actors they're pretending
and singers they will sometimes lie
kids are always honest
they don't think their ever gonna die
oh your the pretty smartest captain of the team
I love you more than being 17
In the evening sun
In the evening sun
In the evening sun
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