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Ultravox - Revelation Текст

I see it every day
As children play
There's a future, watching, waiting
No-one can deny
The reasons why
We are hurting
Much more than believing
You're deceiving with all these bitter lies

I've just got to let you know this time
That we've seen through your disguise
Politically motivated total mind control
Just as I predicted
The innocent grow stronger through it all


It's no lie, it's a revelation
Open your eyes to the revelation

Visions in your mind
Unfolding in our time
There's a new world out there calling
We are justified
Almost hypnotised
We are leading
Somehow we are changing
Rearranging the lexicon of life

And there's nothing left to change this time
Here we all stand unified
Together we have motivated absolute control
And just as I imagined
We all realised we had it all


Side by side, to the revelation
Open your mind to the revelation

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