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- Why Текст

I woke up this morning
With your picture by my bed
In the haze I was drowning
Just your words were flashin’ in my head
I know I’ll wake up next morning
And I’ll Be So Sad
But what can I do
When you’re the only one in my head
I feel the end’s so close
Now my last words to say
I’ve killed every bastard
That got in my way
The only place I couldn’t reach
Was your heart my true love
Just look at me
And answer me why
Many delusions in our lives
Maybe one was between you and me
I was watching the world through your eyes
And I knew you’re the girl made for me
When I kissed your lips
I knew ‘twas not a dream
But sometimes some things aren’t
As they seem
So many days have passed
Since you were standing next to me
And this day, may be the last
Maybe it’s time to redeem my sins
Now I know it’s all over
And be sure I won’t cry
But for the last time please look in my eyes
And answer me why
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