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Cruel and cold,like winds on the sea.Will you ever return to me.Hear my voice, sing with the tide.My love will never die.Over waves,and deep in the blue.I will give up, my heart for you.Ten long years/ I"ll wait to go by. My love will never die.Come, my love be one with the sea. Rule with me for eternity.Drown all dreams, so mercilessly. And leave their souls to me.
Play the song you sang long ago. And wherever, the storm may blow.
You will find , the key to my heart. We'll never be apart.Wild and strong, you can't be contained.Never bound nor ever chained Wounds you caused, will never mend. And you will never end. Cruel and cold,like winds on the sea.Will you ever return to me.
Hear my voice, sing with the tide.Our love will,never die.

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