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SabatonIn The Name Of God

Категории: рок , метъл , power metal Език: Английски

Sabaton - In The Name Of God Текст

Hide from the public eye, choose to appear when it suits you
Claim you're just, killing women and children
Fight, when you choose to fight, hide in a cave when you're hunted
Like a beast spawned from hell, utilizing fear
Chosen by god or a coward insane?
Stand up and show me your face!
Suicidal, in a trance
A religious army
Fight without a uniform and hide in the crowd
Call it holy, call it just
Authorized by heaven
Leave your wounded as they die, and call it gods will
Run when it's time to pay, fear consequence of your action
Reappear, when you're almost forgotten
Dream of a world in peace, yet you cause pain and destruction
Kill your own, a response of your actions
Captured in all you lies, fear is in your eyes
Creature who's gone insane, your war is in vain
Trapped in a cage of stone, we'll destroy your home
Consequence of your action
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