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Lana Del ReyBecause Of You

Категории: поп , dance , RnB Език: Английски

Lana Del Rey - Because Of You Текст

On the streets of LA
Where the future is now
We dance like nobody's watching us
And we live like we want to
But it can all get a little crazy
Unless there's something to hold onto
For me, that was true love
I was a young girl, selfish and wild
Like a fire in LA
Hot like the summer and mean like a child
Who keeps crying till she gets her way
(like a true star)
There were roses in my hair, rock n roll on blare, and I was in trouble
And no one could rock me like you could
I was a bad girl gone good
Look at me now, I have everything
You gave to me and my heart can sing
I was a kid who could only drink
Dance on tables, makin' deal with devils ,like a drunk beauty queen
Fighting the fantasy, hooked on the scene, and it brought me to my knees
And it's all ... because... of you
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