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PanteraI'm Broken

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Pantera - I'm Broken Текст

I wonder if we'll smile in our coffins while loved ones
Mourn the day, the absence of our faces, living, laughing,
Eyes awake. Is this too much for them to take?
Too young for ones conclusion, the lifestyle won.
Such values you taught your son. That's how.
Look at me now. I'm broken.
Inherit my life.
One day we all will die, a cliched fact of life. Force fed
To make us heed. Inbred to sponge our bleed. Every
Warning, a leaking rubber, a poison apple for mingled
Blood. Too young for ones delusion the lifestyle cost
Venereal Mother embrace the los$. That's how
Look at you now. You're broken
Inherit your life.
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