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Red Cafe и DiddyLet It Go

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Red Cafe, Diddy - Let It Go Текст

Light skin bro f*ck the …
Gave them my word told them put it in a bra
Next week this time she is killing the mall
Tell your ex nigger I am show I am a bomb I am a dope boy
.. and been a bad boy just like ..fresh like I drive queen a whole wardrobe
My team doing no shits but ..i don’t chase money
Don’t ever chase bitches I just chase liquor .. all liquor
In my city I am a gorilla I got that uncut
I am a dope boy
.. I am looking like a dope boy .. let it go
Let it go x4
Last time you see me I was in that blue thing
With a supermodel now I am in that mood thing
… pump to gas took her off the .. then I pump that ass
I remember I was counting to 5 hundred millions around the same time
.. recorded a milly one for the money two for the money
Number real bitch that’s all about the money
Sorry ass niggers out here looking funny in my own space out kick
… we are still .. we got the hood going down
I am a dope boy
.. I am looking like a dope boy .. let it go
Let it go x4
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