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SneakboReal Talk

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I remember being in the snoofs,
A little young g from the British streets
These 5 years got me running from the police
A young G I got respect from my old gees
I'm from a cold place I never ever knew God
I'm with my whole crew fucking up the neighborhood
And every day we hustle, trying to get this money right
Every day I'm living happy I don't wanna die
So I'm living right, getting money spending mine
When I know she's mine, I'm gonna get her what she really likes
Couple bangs on a ring, just to show it's real
Baby girl you keep blushing, tell me how you feel?
I've come a long way from the old days
Everybody saying that name is my old ways
... they wanna see me banging for the south
I'm trying to get my fucking money and help niggas to move out
And that's real shit from a real dude
I don't wanna hurt they feelings if this song's rude
I wanna rap, how the hell did I get bad views?
I love them ... put my youtube
F for the rest I'm rapping for bread
I never knew a guess hard that ain't even set
I'm doing shows every night, I'm million...
...only cause I'm bored that they giving me head
Independent, no label, I'm getting my checks
Play hard and jet skis, the team I rep
My dream catchers be grinding and changing their...
... till I fucking dead
I need to run away from this fucked life
Now I'ma start, so many wanna be a thug's wife
But they bloody friends smile on my lifetime
And when she's not around, her friends even wanna give me shine
I've come a long way from...
When real G's like Mikey was up in the ...
I never saw you fucking hoe so who you trying to...
I'm only fucking with niggas...
A couple of friends are here with me too
I see you fake niggas, I ain't really happy with you
While I was shooting vids, you was on fucking your chick
And now I'm living it you're talking bout...
Bad boy, rude boy, tell me how you living
You say you banging ... and I don't hear about your killings
Looking at the stops so I can tell you that I'm winning
So now I'm just chilling, weed, champagne spilling
Money stacking up, I'm trying to get it to the ceiling
No drug money but I'm gonna see a million
Tapping different women I don't wanna have feelings
And I always give you gig if you was there when I was bleeding
They say I've changed, I say I'm doing great
Ever since I've put my touch up ... lyrics on the wave
So now I'm hitting ... bringing in the ...
So please just rate cause there's no need to hate
I'm in the charts, I could have been trapping in the trap
With one young buck leave ...
But shit's changed, now I'm stacking up of racks
And I'm ripping up shows getting a hold of that cash
I'm back, I'm never going back to the can
Cause I'd rather be low key, stacking up my...
From...I never really had a plan
But I had some real brothers, we was more than a gang
I call my friend my bro... I call my friend my fam
I got some real youngers doing life in the can
For putting brothers down and all I gotta say is damn
But I'm out here living till my brothers come back
It's mine, I'm always gonna go and see Matt
My dear Jay Jay and my brother...
Some innocent youngers doing ...is a shame
A life goes on, man I feel my brother's pain...
And this is just a stop...
Fuck what they say I'm doing song for the charts
Don't compare me to these...cause I'm in the lex class, that's right.
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