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SneakboSecond Chances

Sneakbo - Second Chances Текст

Play hard!
Jetski wave!
From a little kid I would always seat and wish
that I could be the best in anything I ever did
have some long days and them late nights shift
from the strip i was out there tryin to get rich
with my niggas, we call it the A team,
we ain't from the filly, we bricky we chase dreams,
I don't want no drama, it's bringing me the police
so I stepped up to ghetto it's time to make p,
now I'm grinding, working, hustling, earning
real money, got the girls call me pound sterling,
fam i got the girl of your dreams here working
that's why you hating and I see your heart burning
19, turning 20 soon,
I thank God that I ain't dying in the medical,
I thank God that I ain't seating down in jail,
'cause I got a second thought I promise that I won't fail
Second chance is, they don't always come
thats why i got to be greatful, and thank my stars above
I know that I can shine, yeah I believe
and spark out that nobody-nobody
take my lucky stars away from me.
How I feel tonight depends on how my day goes,
first thing in the morning I want some great blows
from a fine hoe, then I hit the high road,
cruising through bricky that's my city, so I drive slow.
passed the barber shop I used to get my hair cut
I lived in the same block, the fiends used to take drugs,
it was dangerous, rolling with the stainless,
only now I know why police are tryin to chain us,
they didn't know how I felt, with no food in my fridge,
I'm living better in jail,
mami broke like a joke, dad he had other girls
to save the life that I chose from I'm living in hell,
and I was always on the block, behind the corner shop,
where I linked the fiends, just to make a little guap,
I'm in my reeboks with the whole up in my sock
and no B, but these bitches ain't getting no cock.
I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know,
I know, I know, I know,
can't let no take my lucky stars away from me.
I know, I know, I know,
no no no no no no I know
I know, I know, I know,
can't let no take my lucky stars away from me.
Don't always come.
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