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UsherPrayer For You (Interlude)

Usher - Prayer For You (Interlude) Текст

You gonna say something to the people
Prayer for you
A prayer to you
Do I sound that bad
Just the simple thought of you means everything
To my life you give meaning you're the best
So precious my gift for life
That's why I send you up this prayer
I pray for your protection your covering
That everything intended for you you'll receive
And I'll believe he'll guide you
Lord honor my prayer
Prayer for you
A prayer to you
I pray for yoy
Pray for you
I'll do my best to be there for you every day
To be what my father wish he was to me
Baby I got you
Daddy you'll be there
To encourage you to be the best you can be
You carry my name I pray that you're better than me
I ain't going nowhere
Even when I get on your nerves
Cause I'm your daddy
My prayer for you
Son I pray for you
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