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HaddawayWhat About Me

Категории: dance , RnB Език: Английски

Haddaway - What About Me Текст

What About Me
You stepped into my life
Doing things to me
That I can't explain.
Think twice, Baby,
This ain't no game!
If you can't commit
Totally and not just a little bit,
Why do you keep me hanging on
So long?
You taught me what it means
To walk along the lonely street
Of dreams,
But I cannot take it no more, no no!
Now it's up to you
If you keep me standing like
A fool,
I gotta take my pride and go,
I'll go.
What about me?
Do you really wanna hurt me, baby?
Tell me now:
What about me?
Do you wanna break my heart to pieces?
Girl, I gotta know:
What about me.
What about me?
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